Solo Flight – Catch The Vision

Our Logo, a seagull in flight, it’s wing intersected , with a cross, represents single adults on a solo flight performing alone with grace and skill: soaring to wider perspectives. whenever this logo appears, it offers the assurance that the ministries and programs under its sponsorship carry the theological, spiritual, psychological and philosophical training and foundation of Solo Flight: Catch the vision, the national research, development, training and consulting entity for ministry with single adults in the Episcopal Church

Solo Flight is sponsored by the Episcopal Church and is open to all persons regardless of their faith choices.

The local chapter is based at St. Matthias Church at the corner of Lakeshore Drive and St. Matthias Drive.

Telephone: 635-5354

The Single’s Connection


● Fellowship

● Entertainment

● Worship

● Ministry


ALL singles
( divorced, single by choice and widowed)

Are Welcome



We come together to support each other through:

1. Fellowship – Monthly meetings are held either in a members home or in the church. We meet on the second Sunday at 5:00pm

2. Entertainment – Monthly outings are planned by the group. These have included boat trips, going to restaurants, attending plays, line dancing, a day at the racetrack, etc.

We come together to support the Community through ministry:

Activities have included: 

1. A walk in the park for the Rescue Mission.

2. Toys for children at LSUHSC.

3. Participation in G.U.M.B.O

4. Participation in Relay for Life

5. Participation in Public Radio

6. Various fund drives.

For additional information Call

 Alice Sanders – 929-2490